Customer Service Agreement

This agreement exists between EZ NTO LLC (“EZNTO”) and the Client (“CLIENT”). CLIENT represents, warrants, covenants, and hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions regarding any work performed by EZNTO at the request of CLIENT. CLIENT agrees to provide complete and accurate information to EZNTO with each request, as this information will be used in part or in whole to perform any worked requested by CLIENT. EZNTO will not be responsible for delays in service, mailing, preparation, or any other related activity because of incomplete or inaccurate information provided by CLIENT. CLIENT furthermore agrees to provide accurate information with regards to the properties and/or projects referenced by our documents, and agrees that as of the time of the request they have provided labor and/or materials directly to the property/project for which they are requesting the document AND are still owed money for the labor and/or materials provided to that property/project. EZNTO may request CLIENT to verify any created document to verify accuracy of any information contained therein. Any delays as a result of this process are strictly and solely the responsibility of the CLIENT. 

This agreement covers document creation and sending services only. EZNTO cannot and will not be held responsible for any delays in service or preparation due to factors beyond EZNTO’s control, including but not limited to strikes, weather, acts of God, delays in common carriers, power outages, computer viruses, third party server unavailability, lost/misdirected mail, typos, sudden changes in federal, state, and/or local regulations, and county office delays.  EZNTO recommends the CLIENT request any services at least two (2) weeks prior to any statutory and/or regulatory deadline.

By signing this agreement, and/or by requesting any services be performed by EZNTO, CLIENT is authorizing EZNTO to act as an “authorized agent”, for the purposes any specific request placed in the future. EZNTO is only authorized to act on behalf of CLIENT for the specific action requested, using the specific information provided by CLIENT. CLIENT also waives any and all claims against EZNTO for damages and/or loss which may be caused by an act of negligence, mistakes, and/or inadvertence committed by EZNTO. CLIENT further assumes the risk of all acts associated with any action EZNTO takes at the request of CLIENT. Any liability to EZNTO which might arise from this request will be limited to the cost of the services provided, less hard costs (i.e. postage), not to exceed $100.00.

In the event that CLIENT must cancel their request for any reason after submitting it either online or via email, CLIENT must notify EZNTO in via email within two (2) hours of making the request. If CLIENT cancels within the two (2) hour time period, they will be refunded any and all monies paid. If CLIENT cancels outside of the two (2) hour time period, any refund given will be at the sole and exclusive discretion of EZNTO.

CLIENT understands that EZNTO is a document creation service only. EZNTO is not engaged in rendering or providing legal and/or accounting advice and/or services. If you have questions, you should seek the services of a qualified legal and/or accounting professional.

There are no verbal agreements or requests.  Any and all requests, adjustments to requests MUST be made in writing via email.

CLIENT agrees to all terms listed within this agreement, and those listed on the website,, including all sub pages, including the terms of use page, and pricing terms and policies listed on any page of the website, EZ NTO LLC may change and adjust these policies and their effective dates at any time, including pricing and rate structures, without prior notification to CLIENT. A copy of the most current version of this agreement will be maintained online, at, and CLIENT agrees to any updates and adjustments each time a request is made via email.